Recommend Groupon to your friends and earn Rs.100

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Recommend Groupon to your friends and earn Rs.100

Postby invite2earn » Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:21 pm

Join Groupon

Recommend Groupon and Groupon will top up your credit*

Do you want to surprise your friends with unbeatable deals in your city while earning a quick buck at the same time?

This is how it works:
Recommend Groupon to your friends!
Your friends
buy a deal (Rs.100 value or more)
Groupon will credit
you with Rs.100.00
Get going and invite your friends

Reward credits: how do they work?*
Why should I recommend a friend?
1. You are kicked about the deal you just bought!
2. You cannot wait to share it - cmon, you share everything else on FB and Twitter!
3. Friends are forever! No?

How can I recommend a friend to Groupon?
There are many opportunities to recommend a friend to Groupon.
1. On every deal you can find a link, which you can use to send invitations to friends using Twitter, Facebook or Email.
2. On your Personal Recommendation Page you can find your personal reference link, which you can post anywhere on the internet to get people to join up.
We dont want to, but we reserve the right to refuse or withdraw credit when the recommendation function is being abused.

I haven’t received my reward credit!
Your friend needs to create an account for the first time and have purchased their first deal via your link within 72 hours of opening a Groupon account. Your reward will appear as "delayed": if after seven days the deal they bought has not been cancelled or withdrawn, and your friend’s payment went through successfully, we will credit your account with Rs 100, and your next deal will cost Rs 100 less!
NOTE: Excessive referring of deals priced less than Rs 100 might lead to deactivation of credit by the Global Spam Team.

Is this valid for COD orders also?
Unfortunately not. COD orders are processed differently on Groupon and hence we cannot credit the recommendation award for orders placed on COD. But hey, credit cards and net banking is the next thing, no?

How long is the credit valid for?
Your credit is valid for a whole year. Do not forget, huh!

How can I spend my credit?
You can use your credit on any deal with us, and you redeem it on the payment page. If your credit is worth more than the cost of the deal because you have been recommending lots of friends, then whatever is left over can be redeemed on your next deal, unless it has expired. So be sure to tick the box to use your credit when you checkout.
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